Dec 2012


Joe Mecca, not afraid to clean up after his mistakes

Recorded live to tape at the Bitterest Bar in Providence (aka the Wild Colonial Tavern), Joe Mecca uses his big mouth to announce the winners of the “Like Joe Mecca’s Big Mouth on Facebook” contest: Pam “Circusbetty” Holloway and Jenn Carcia*. 

Anish Kapoor cohort / Amnesty International Gangnam dancer / all-around jet setting bon vivant RSB is traumatized early on by a beer malfunction, then recounts one of her two Turkey Days which involved guests named Jan Brady, Steven Wright, and Heather Thomas. Joe shares his recipe for turkey smoking success at the orphan’s Thanksgiving. 

Former candidate for president of thee United States of America Joe Mecca concedes the election (finally), then rips Gov. Lincoln Chafee a new one. He also praises the Providence College Friars men’s basketball team.


‘Nuff said.

*C’mon down to the Wild Colonial Tavern to claim your very own $12.50 bar tab!

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