Easy does it Joe Mecca-style

He may not be fou-fou-chi-chi, but Joe Mecca’s Big Mouth gushes about his second home and pubcast clubhouse, the Wild Colonial Tavern. The dynamic duo review recent stats on Providence (13th Most Attractive City People-Wise, one of the Most Diverse Cities in America), and opportunities for growth ala companies like Alex+Ani.

During Joe Mecca Confession Time, Joe Mecca confesses his lack of finesse with the ladies as a youngin, yet totally lucked out with his awesome wife. He then jumps into the wayback timemachine and recalls the days when television shows were called “programs,” and thus incites an identity crisis over the show’s title. Joe Mecca and RSB reminisce about “All in the Family,” one of their favorite television shows ever, while diagnosing himself with Aspergers.

Recorded pre-Hanukah, RSB gets tribal again and explains Jewdar, then spots her college roomie (not a Jew) across the bar. 

Finally, the dynamic duo announce a new contest to those who believe the Mayan calendar/world-ending soon thing. Listen for details!


‘Nuff said.

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