Joe Mecca enjoys a Hot Potato at the evening’s viewing of “Drinking Made Easy,” as filmed at the Wild Colonial Tavern.

It’s a special day at the Joe Mecca’s Big Mouth Clubhouse for two reasons. One is the evening’s sneak premiere of “Drinking Made Easy”* as filmed at the Wild Colonial Tavern. And the second (and more important), Joe Mecca and the temporarily visually impaired RSB are joined by the doyenne of the Rhode Island theatre scene, Clare Blackmer.

The trio talk technology (Moodle? iPod Shuffle? Hotmail?), cologne or clean man-smell, developing the official scent of Joe Mecca, cellular regeneration, and their end of the world plans.

The Mecca’s recently adopted a new kitten, which inspires RSB to think about getting a turtle. Clare explains a certain person’s persistent desire to own a spider monkey (over her dead body). Then the gang chat up on exotic animals they have encountered (under adult supervision).

Listeners are also encouraged to submit suggestion on what our host should do in the Joe Mecca Ramp Up to 50 between now and his century-point birthday in May (this does not require building a physical ramp).


‘Nuff said.

* The Providence episode of “Drinking Made Easy” premieres on AXS on Wednesday 19 December. Check your local listings for time and channel.

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