Joe Mecca and RSB need another drink.

The world has not ended. Fortunately or not.

Joe Mecca doesn’t have the plague that’s been going around, but he is a little under the weather. Dr. RSB tries to diagnose his malady without getting hooked on under the counter drugs. 

The duo gets into the spirit of all the holidays, as Joe shares the story of how Santa is in all of us (not quite like Mojo Nixon proclaiming that Elvis is everywhere, including your toilet) and other Mecca family Christmas traditions (paella anyone?). RSB talks Jewish Christmas. Both compare their mother’s cooking, compare end of the world plans, and rave about gummy candy.

Shout outs to the Wild Colonial Running Club, the “Drinking Made Easy” episode filmed at their clubhouse, and the Rhode Island Ukulele Armada. Have yourself a Hot Potato.


‘Nuff said.

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