Joe Mecca enjoys a tasty bowl of the Wild Colonial’s Mac n Cheese with  Corned Beef. Yum!
On National Pie Appreciation Day, Food Network fan Joe Mecca and the indubitable RSB go at it when it comes to their shellfish, but make peace when talking about making pies and Cornish pasties. The duo look back on the history of “fine dining” in Providence (remember Players Corner Pub? Rusty Scupper?), and Sardi’s of Lil Rhody…Twin Oaks. Wonder if Bill Cosby will go there when he comes to town?
Joe Mecca has something to say about Phil Mickelson and his flight out of California because of tax rates. Time to reconsider the flat tax? 
One of the nicest people on the face of the earth, Bryan Rinebolt, graces their presence / humors the hosts. Also, make plans for the annual Mecca Day Before Memorial Day Party – y’all are invited (as long as Carol approves). Oh, and shout out to the Wild Colonial Pub Quiz.
‘Nuff said.

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