Rockin’ Roma: Joe Mecca at the Mutha Fuckin’ Colosseum

Feeding his ego, Joe Mecca and his trusty sidekick RSB present the debut of “The Law According to Joe Mecca.” Tonight, Joe Mecca’s Big Mouth introduces new laws of the mass transit system and the need for updated drivers ed.

Joe opens the mayonnaise jar and shares his list of People That I Really Just Don’t Get. RSB recaps what really happened when the lights went out at the Super Bowl. The duo talks their shut down tactics.

Gorm, Don N, and Don C pop in by talk (and share) homemade smoked salsa and meats (oh god, that was awesome).

Oh, and pre-blizzard, they accurately predict that Nemo is going to “fuck shit up.”

Punxsutawney Phil be damned!


‘Nuff said.

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