Feb 2013



“We’re not on the radio, but we do a radio kinda thing. 
Joe Mecca is the Howard Stern, RSB is the white Robin Quivers.”
– Joe Mecca

After surviving Winter Blizzard Nemo, Joe Mecca and the RSB convene at the JMBM Clubhouse to compare storm stories and continue their tangentalizing while admiring the recently formed Mount Starsky and Mouth Marah in the beer garden (read: we have short attention spans). Addressing infrastructure, the duo have a genious (and common sense) plan to address snow removal in the future (FU city of Providence for your craptactular snow removal).

We continue the Ramp Up to 50 aka JoeMeccamus by planning out Joe’s birthday week (in May). Joe commiserates the departure of sports radio legend Glenn Ordway from WEEI, recaps the Providence College Friars men’s basketball status.

Listen to RSB freak out to receiving her first Smithwick’s in months. Months!

Also: JMBM WANTS YOU to join us in a future round table recording! We’re here nearly every Wednesday after work (and then some). Facebook us for details!


‘Nuff said.

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