Feb 2013


Joe and his rib mustache

JMBM: Take Two

It’s a busy night at the Joe Mecca’s Big Mouth Clubhouse, and Joe Mecca has one thing on his mind. 

Cured, stuffed, roasted, chopped, smoked, pulled and more. 

After a brief tutorial on beer brewing, our carnivorous host celebrates pork. Partially inspired by the impending arrival of ribs created by the very generous and talented Don Ngyuen and Gorm. Partially inspired by the charcuterie class Joe took recently at Johnson & Wales where he learned how to prepare porchetta, among other pork creations.

The Porchetta

They also consider the perfectly cooked egg (Joe gets a little saucy with this one).

RSB makes her picks for the 2013 Providence Phoenix Best Of polls (we like The Wild Colonial Tavern, The Wilbury Group, Fancheezical, Nolan’s Corner Pub, Mario Hilario, and Joe Mecca as a write-in for Best Radio Personality).


‘Nuff said.

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