Mar 2013

Freak Flag

A partial display of The Wild Colonial’s sporting awards.

From the first bar at the Joe Mecca’s Big Mouth Clubhouse, admiring the Wild Colonial’s display of sporting awards, Joe Mecca and his Big Mouth deplores the new potholes and other sundries around Lil Rhody due to recent glacier melting (as well his foot’s discovery of dogshit outcroppings around his yard).

Joe and RSB consider basketball diplomacy via the Worm’s visit to North Korea to hang with Kim Jong Un (aka Junior), Andy Dick starring on the new season of “Dancing with the Stars,” and the vastly underrated actor Steven Root. Derrick Cordeiro joins in for a spirited conversation about hair (head, nose, and ear). RSB also delivers a brief hearing conservation sermon.

And a very happy birthday to our friend and fellow clubhouse-r, David Shein.


‘Nuff said.

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