Joe Mecca contemplates the brisket. This might take a minute.

Amist the start of spring, Joe Mecca and RSB are joined by the extended Kawfee Klatch – Carol, Russell, and Bruce.

The kids these days . . . have they been left behind (and not in that rapture book series kinda way)? With two educators in our presence, the Klatch talk the role of standardized testing for students (hello NECAPS!) and college prep. Carol and Bruce share stories of peer evaluations in the classroom.

With the March Madness underway and Providence College Friars in the NIT, use the Innerwebs to figure out the mascots of Division 2 and 3 schools, including the Heidelberg College Student Princes. Also, Russell and Joe show RSB how to do a proper high-five.

Brisketeer Don shows up with a testing round of smoked brisket and ribs.


‘Nuff said.

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