May 2013

Hair’s Joey!

A Joe Mecca original hair doo.
Serenaded by the hum of the HVAC unit, in beer garden of the Clubhouse, it’s Joe Mecca’s Big Mouth!
Members of the Joe Mecca’s Big Mouth family (Joe Mecca, RSB, Ann, That Guy Don, Russell) gather under the awning for their weekly panel discussion including speculation on 2014 city / state elections and why a lady should run for mayor of PVD and the weather. In the new segment “Experiments in I Don’t Know What,” Joe Mecca demonstrates the prowess of his Honda Element’s stereo system. David “Unicameral” Shein makes his series debut, punctuating our robust debate with sneezes.
Ramping up to Meccamus (less than a week away), Joe talks about his history of hair styles and ponders what he will do next. Russell laments on his experiences of haircuts by the barbershop on Washington St. in the Arnold Building. We also talk about the pending Joe Mecca Film Festival.
Joe Mecca and the crew mourn the passing of Mr. Collins, the father of Wild Colonial Tavern owner Maurice Collins. Sláinte.
‘Nuff said.

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