May 2013

Ramping Up to 50

Happy 50th Joe!

Only five days before the fiftieth birthday of our host, and we’ve got Meccamas on our mind. Well, at least Joe Mecca does!

In the final ramp up to 50 (Happy Birthday Joe!), we talk about the culinary intentions of the ten days of Meccamas, including Louis’ Lunch  in New Haven (home for the first hamburger) and a nuanced history of coal-fired NY pizza. RSB plugs her favorite restaurant in town (and in her neighborhood), Los Andes while the duo eschew super chi-chi high end restaurants for a more authentic cuisine when dining out.

Russell voices his utter disdain for Wal-Mart’s evil practices (this time towards its vendors), leading Joe to reminisce about “No Bags at Spag’s” in Shrewsbury.

Oh, and the trio plan out Day One of Meccamas: The Shearing of the Hair.


‘Nuff said.

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