Jun 2013

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow, photo by Carol Caulfield Mecca

In the eve following the double rainbow, the square round table that is Joe Mecca’s Big Mouth convene at The Clubhouse to do what they do best. 

After the previous evening’s spectacular double rainbow, the panel looks back at the intense weather of the past few years (hello derecho!). Do-gooder Carol is thanked *profusely* by a fellow WC-er for finding (and returning) an errant wallet. Joe and RSB play “what if?” Rhode Island could improve its infrastructure.

Less than two hours before fulfilling a 30-year dream, Clare describes her intense love of the Psychedelic Furs. David considers what formations of various alt / indie rock bands would play at the Warwick Musical Tent in the event that it was around for us to enjoy in our retirement. Plus: X vs John Doe, Kim Deal leaving The Pixies, The Replacements reunion, Elvis Costello, Graham Parker and “the Truth.” Russell swings by.

Also: Decipher the two simultaneous conversation and we’ll buy you a drink at a future pubcast!


‘Nuff said.

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