One big giant tangent, Joe Mecca, RSB, and Sir Russell Berrigan gather around the square roundtable, beverages in hand, fatigued by the coverage and hegemony of the government shutdown [only two days in].

They enter into a robust debate on the state of healthcare in America and the launch of the health benefits exchange [thank you, Obamacare!], and the trends of prevention vs. prescriptive care. Also: Johnny Ray as the precursor to emo [ala Ethel Merman]; isthmus head, aka male pattern baldness; stuttering in real-life vs. acting; and RSB continues her hate on Phil Collins and Barbra Streisand. The elusive Bobby Casey says “Hi!”


JM also shamelessly hawks advertising space on our pubcast.  RSB is willing to wheel-n-deal for sponsors. If you’d like us to shill for you, please let us know!

‘Nuff said.

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