Oct 2013


Our host, Joe Mecca, and the Wild Colonial’s Director of Silly Sports, Brien Lang, prepare for the Grog & Dog Jog

Tonight: Joe Mecca, RSB, Bruce, Clare, and Russell celebrate Lagunitas night at the Wild Colonial with a round of delicious Censored and Cappuccino Stout and “facts” about its history and home town of Petaluma, CA. Joe comments on a recent PBS documentary about the phenomenon of concussions, dementia, and other brain injuries among football players.

Also: last time anyone saw cigarette and cigar commercials on TV, smartphone Google searching races [with play-by-play], topological comparisons to JMBM’s backside, the quintessential “Daily Jew” [it might be RSB], west coast Italians, Guido the Wonder Lamb, and the history of the French Dip! Plus, the gang give a preview of the Grog & Dog Jog!


‘Nuff said.

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