Nov 2013

What’s on Tap?

Live from The Clubhouse, it’s Joe Mecca’s Big Mouth! This evening, Joe Mecca, RSB, and Sir Russell are joined at the square round table by the lovely Miss Deb The gang establish the new rules for young people drinking. We all grew up initially drinking crappy regional lagers. The kids these days need to appreciate […]

In tonight’s pubisode, the members of the square roundtable convene at the JMBM Clubhouse hours after the first, yet ultra brief sight of snow, scarred by their memories of last winter’s blizzard.  Joe recounts his “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me” meme offering, leading to the challenges of dinner math and tipping incites a spirited […]

Seated around the square roundtable at the JMBM Clubhouse, Joe Mecca, RSB, Uncle Bruce, the inimitable MsChris, and Sir Russell take the bull by the balls when it comes to the nether regions. Colonoscopies? Check! Mental play-by-play of groin injuries? Check! World’s largest scrotum? Check! Also: Short skirts and Guinness? The gang talks about what motivates […]