Nov 2013

What’s on Tap?

Craft Beer

Live from The Clubhouse, it’s Joe Mecca’s Big Mouth!

This evening, Joe Mecca, RSB, and Sir Russell are joined at the square round table by the lovely Miss Deb

The gang establish the new rules for young people drinking. We all grew up initially drinking crappy regional lagers. The kids these days need to appreciate beverages and actually¬†cultivate a palate for craft beers and spirits (we in Lil Rhody are blessed to have quite a few new and tasty local brews). Joe talks about¬†the Rhode Island Ukelele Armada’s recent performance at the opening of the Bucket Brewery’s new outpost.

The gang preview their plans (and extravagant menu) for the once in a lifetime Thanksgivukkah festivities.

Also: Joe’s new haircut, actresses who suffer from Big Mouth Syndrome (not affiliated with JMBM), Upworthy videos, and more.


‘Nuff said.

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