We’re taking a break this week.  In the meantime, why not peruse some of our older ‘casts.  Every one’s a winner! Be back next week.

On the heels of the the first-ever National Championship by the Providence College Hockey Friars, Joe, Carol & RSB discuss the overblown “riot” that occurred in “celebration” of said championship.  Joe waxes rhapsodic about his own college days.  College kids love their sports, after all. Just don’t mess with the Elmwood Crime Watch. CLICK HERE […]


Apr 2015

Oral Fixation

In this the 3rd episode of the new season, the round table discuss the merits of  Hot Wieners (on a pizza?), the tube steaks of our youth, religious eating, cigars and the potential of crawls both clamcake and chowder based.  Plus a take on the NBA Draft. And Yes, no one wants to see chowder smeared […]

In this noisy pubisode, RSB, JoeMecca and Sir Russell discuss the future of the Pawtucket Red Sox, soon to move to Providence, the nature of the state of Rhode Island and the constantly changing Providence strip joint landscape. Joe also recounts his sleep-acting exploits in Montclair, New Jersey.   Click Here To Listen


Apr 2015

On A Mission

  Hey, how ya been? Yeah, so, anyway . . . sorry we’ve been away for awhile.  After a few false restarts, mishaps and whatnot, the band’s back together!!!  Here’s the first of three new Pubisodes.  Enjoy! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN