Nov 2015


Obama’s at fault that Isis came into being, supporting Syrian rebels instead of the good Dr. Assad . . . No, wait, it was Dubya & Chaney for fighting a “War on Terror” against a nation that had nothing to do with 9/11 . . . I’m sorry, it was Bubba’s fault for paying more attention to his dick than for not seeing the signs of the World Trade Center bombing and the attack on the U.S.S. Cole . . . Hold it. It was really Poppy’s fault for putting American boots on Arab soil and not going after Saddam . . . Nah, it was Reagan. That whole Iran/Contra thing was typical Right Wing hooliganism . . . Well, if it wasn’t for Carter falling asleep at the switch when the Shaw was disposed . . . It was Nixon’s fault. Russia’s fault, China, Germany, France, Israel. Sunnis, Shiites. The 1%. The Cops. Guns. Tasers. The Liberal Media. Fox News. Immigrants. Migrants. It’s our fault. It’s their fault.

Blame is purposeless. It’s a shallow and fruitless attempt to make sense, to gain some sort of intellectual control over chaos. We live in dangerous, frightening times, but so did my parents and their parents and somebody else’s parents born centuries before. We believe because we can do nearly everything with a rectangular disk we keep in our pocket . . . that we can elevate a cause and have others “Like” it . . . that we can think and opine and argue and polarize anytime anywhere that somehow we know what we’re doing. We’re so right and fair and correct.

Well yesterday once again proved that it’s all bullshit. There are no easy answers. No easy scapegoats. No real cause for bloodshed except sheer will. We simply aren’t as fucking civilized as we think we are.

But, it’s okay folks. In a week or so we’ll move past this latest horror. We’ll shake our heads and ring our hands and beat our breasts at the hundred little stories of tragedy and courage . . . and then we’ll move on. We’ll start debating the color of coffee cups or the behavior of some reality TV star or the PSI in a pigskin or whether we want a real estate schmuck or an idiot brain surgeon or the cranky old socialist or the first wife as our President regardless if any of them are even capable of doing the job. We’ll numb ourselves.

It’ll all be just fine . . .

End of rant.