Hello again  . . . sorry to have promised so many promises.  This time I think we’re back in one form or another.  For the moment I’m going to whet your whistle (and stroke my ego) by presenting some of this writer’s bon-est mots from the Books of Face. I’ll admit I’m full of myself in these, but I mean we chose the name for a reason. Enjoy.

And stay tuned, I promise . . . 


24, September, 2017

Every frigging day this schmuck, this obscenely gluttonous carbon footprint, this living breathing definition of white privilege says something or does something to further divide his nation and the people of which it stands.

And you’re worried about whether or not a bunch of men who play a game for a living stand for a piece of cloth and an old drinking song?


A country, a nation is not the song it sings, the pledge it gives, or the flag it salutes . . . a nation is the people who do the singing, pledging and saluting, or make the choice to do none of the above. That choice is what those symbols are supposed to represent. The flag, the pledge of allegiance, the anthem do not deserve more respect than the people’s right to make a choice. Without us, without our choice, we are no better than our supposed enemies.

Please remember that.


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