Hello again  . . . sorry to have promised so many promises.  This time I think we’re back in one form or another.  For the moment I’m going to whet your whistle (and stroke my ego) by presenting some of this writer’s bon-est mots from the Books of Face. I’ll admit I’m full […]


Nov 2015


Obama’s at fault that Isis came into being, supporting Syrian rebels instead of the good Dr. Assad . . . No, wait, it was Dubya & Chaney for fighting a “War on Terror” against a nation that had nothing to do with 9/11 . . . I’m sorry, it was Bubba’s fault for paying more […]

    IT’S HERE!  Just in time for the end of Summer.  It’s the Pre-Pubisode for The 2nd Annual Clam Cake Crawl, the event has taken on a life of it’s own. The JMBM Clamerati will be venturing down the highways and byways of Little Rhody on Saturday, August 21.  Check out the Crawl FB […]

    Yes. The release schedule of JMBMs have been haphazard . . . chaotic . . . unpredictable even.  Much like the pubisodes are themselves.  But, hey . . . would your really want us any other way? OK . . .  we’ll pull an Avis. In the meantime . . . Dig

As Joe & Carol prepare for a week-long vaykay, Joe’s mind is on politics, but despite the name on the masthead, sometimes Joe rarely gets his way. Today’s roundtable includes the usual suspects, plus a couple of special guests both verbal and silent, named and unamed. Dig . . .  

Hey!  How the hell are ya?  It’s been a while, we know . . . today’s pubisode is all over the map . . . from Baseball to Bums . . . Clam Cakes to Chili.  And we won’t even mention RSB’s psychic assassinations . . . well, maybe. Hey, we’re back . . . […]

In this late arriving episode, Carol Caulfield Mecca joins Joe and RSB to discuss the merits of the Facebooks and the transfer epidemic in College Basketball among other items.  Enjoy. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


May 2015

The Last Word

An extended square round table has the definitive Deflategate discussion featuring new ‘casters Molly, Jonpaul and other assorted visitors.  Yeah, we know you’re sick of it by now.  It’s still worth a listen. CLICK HERE TO DO SO

    We all know that it’s all about Joe Mecca, but he sometimes lets others get a word in edgewise.  Joined by the usual Inebriati, the discussion runs from the nomenclature of localities, Star Trek to the death of Joe’s beloved Element. Dig . . . CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

We’re taking a break this week.  In the meantime, why not peruse some of our older ‘casts.  Every one’s a winner! Be back next week.