May 2013

Yay on Gay!

Basking in one of the best votes ever made in the Rhode Island State House, Joe Mecca, his big mouth, RSB, and special guest Clare Blackmer celebrate the passing of same sex marriage in Lil Rhody’s State Senate! RSB inquires about the whys behind Joe and Clare’s marriages, thus going down the rabbit hole of […]


Apr 2013

What We Do Best

Recorded two days after the Boston Marathon, Joe and RSB talk about the tragedy and the frenzy generated by both the trad and non-trad media. Joined by Bruce Burdick and Russell Berrigan, JMBM segues into what we do best . . . the humor of air travel, softball, British accents and other ephemera. Laughter is […]

Joe Mecca and RSB hold the victims of Monday’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon in their head and hearts, and praise for the first responders, marathon volunteers, fans, and hospitals who aided the injured. Let us not be deterred in living our lives and moving forward. + + + + + + + + + […]